Philippe Rotthier Prize 2017 | 14.10 – 12.11.2017


14.10 > 12.11.2017

Opening hours :
Tuesday > Sunday | 10:30 > 18:00

Tickets :
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© Palesh - Azarfane

Prize for “Water and the town”                              


Watersquare, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

© RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances] Prize for “Water and memory”

RAAAF ǀ Atelier de Lyon

Bunker 599, Culemborg, The Netherlands

© Rafael Manzano Martos Prize for “Water and the sacred”

Rafael Manzano Martos y asociados

Reconstruction of the ruins of the Monastery of San Pelayo de Cerrato for the “Fundación grupo Siro”, Antigüedad, Spain

 © Mamadou Dramé Special prize for “Water and urgency”

Centre Ndomo

“Le Ndomo”: area for the recycling and re-use of liquid and solid waste, Segou, Mali (4)

© Christophe Cormy-Donat Special prize for “Water and urgency”

Christophe Cormy-Donat

Ikiko Village, construction of a village of 50 houses and a multidisciplinary centre for a Badjau community, Isabel, Leyte Island, Philippines

 © Vincent Callebaut Architecture Prize for the Imagination            Vincent Callebaut Architecture

Aequorea, a skyscraper printed in 3D using waste from the seventh continent, 5 Gyres Océaniques, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Established in 1982 by the architect Philippe Rotthier, this triennial prize rewards works of collective and cultural value with regional roots and using natural and sustainable materials that draw on the genius of the European town and a dialogue with the past and with history.


THEME OF 2017 PRIZE: Water, architecture and the town

Water, today a precious and strategic resource, has long been present in towns and cities in the form of rivers and canals, lakes and fountains. A presence giving rise to works of architecture and public spaces… to watermills and bridges, to reservoirs and aqueducts, to pools and fountains,   to supply systems and distribution networks. Water is also intimately linked to parks and gardens, the inspiration for landscaping and an entire architecture that highlights its presence (waterfalls, grottos, ponds, etc.). Many towns are also linked directly to the shores of seas, oceans and large lakes, giving rise to a variety of architecture associated with leisure resorts and maritime activities (quays, warehouses, dockyards and slipways). Today, growing ecological awareness and the fight against waste has placed water back on the agenda. Towns are opening up old canals that had been filled in and, more generally, architecture and landscape projects include requirements in favour of recycling water.