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Architecture is a part of our everyday landscape. Our daily walks, passing houses, buildings, parks and gardens, take us from one point to another, our eyes fixed on passers-by or on the pavement, all too often oblivious to the architectural variety that surrounds us. The aim of the educational workshops is to make children more aware of the art and architecture present in the built environment. School projects and subjects can be further developed in the workshops (renovation of a playground or classroom for example).


Events for schools and associations


Archi’didactique Day (5h)

After a guided tour of the street, the children are asked to invent their own house façade. Using a range of materials, just like professional architects!

Guided tour of La Cité des enfants (1h30)

Fun and interactive introduction to the history of the city, architecture and heritage trades using plans, drawings, photographs, models, objects, videos and other materials.

Guided tour of the street (1h30)

Animals in architecture (age 5 to 8)
A fun tour to stimulate children to be attentive to the details of architecture and the animals that are often hidden there.
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Art Nouveau architecture (6 to 15 years)
Discovering Art Nouveau architecture and the know-how of craftsmen with visits to Victor Horta’s Tassel House, Paul Hankar’s Ciamberlani House and other buildings. Children can observe the particularity of Art Nouveau architecture in the Brussels landscape.
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Around Ixelles ponds (8 to 15 years)
Discovering the history of architecture through the many and varied examples found in the Ixelles ponds district: from eclectic architecture to modernism, including Art Nouveau.
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Around the school (5 to 12 years)
Increasing awareness of the school neighbourhood and learning the history and vocabulary of architecture. Fun and educational, these walks are a genuine discovery of the treasures of architecture!
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Creative workshop (1h30)

Each visit can be accompanied by a complementary creative workshop. Pupils have to convert a magazine holder relating to the theme of the chosen visit.

“Architects City” project,
Learning to read the city

The project aims to reflect on the notions of architecture and urban planning on the basis of examples offered by the school and its vicinity. Making children more aware of the heritage and their environment lends an identity to their everyday lives.
The workshops are the occasion for pupils to be introduced to architecture by building models. The children have to give free rein to their imagination, work with different materials – like real architects – and think about how they can recycle certain objects to make miniature architectural elements.

Pupils are invited to redesign one of the following:
• The school street
• The school playground
• The local park

For each project:
• 2 hours visiting the chosen site (complete class)
• 2 X 3 hours of model-making workshop (complete class or two groups)


• Archi’didactique Day (5h): 10 euros / pupil (min. 200 euros / group) at the CIVA Foundation ; 12 euros / pupil (min. 240 euros / group) in class
• Guided tour of the La Cité des enfants (1h30): 60 euros / group (20 pupils maximum)
• Guided street visit (1h30) : 70 euros / group (20 pupils maximum)
• Guided tour + creative workshop (3h) : 60 or 70 euros depending on the chosen visit + 2 euros / participant for the workshop
• “Architects City” Project (8h): 15 euros / pupil (min. 300 euros / group)