CIVA TALKS Sylvia Karres (karres+brands) — Change as Tradition

<br> © Ida Tietgen Høyrup

© Ida Tietgen Høyrup

Lecture by Sylvia Karres (karres+brands) in auditorium MSI, KU Leuven.

In the course of Fall 2018, CIVA and KU Leuven’s Department of Architecture (Faculty of Engineering Sciences) join forces for the organization of a lecture series on landscape architecture in Europe. A number of high-level practitioners will talk about their design practice in an urban or urbanizing context. The lecture series is part of the MaHS-MaUSP postgraduate programs at KU Leuven, and accompanies the CIVA exhibition Designed Landscapes — Brussels 1775-2020 that will open on 16 November 2018. Sylvia Karres' lecture Change as Tradition is part of this series. 

Friday, November 9, 2018
KU Leuven - Auditorium Mgr. Sencie Instituut

free entrance

Lecture content:

With reference to her own projects and the office Karres and Brands Sylvia Karres talks about her great fascination: transformation in city and landscape. What are the structures that remain intact over time and how can we use characteristics of the past in a new way in our contemporary projects?



Sylvia Karres (1956) studied landscape architecture at the de Rijks Hogere School voor Tuin- en Landschapsinrichting in Boskoop and at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. She previously worked at Bureau Maas, the Province of Noord-Holland and during ten years as a designer and project leader at the Bakker and Bleeker offices (now B + B) in Amsterdam. In 1997 she founded, together with Bart Brands, the office Karres and Brands. Sylvia is director and co-owner of Karres and Brands. With her bureau she works on varied and high-profile assignments in the field of landscape architecture, public space, urban design and infrastructure, both at home and abroad. For 8 years, Sylvia was the spatial quality supervisor for the Rijkswaterstaat SAA project and she was / is a member of various advisory committees and juries such as the Stationsomgeving / Beurskwartier supervision team in Utrecht and the jury of the Gouden Piramide, the State Prize for good commissioning in the Netherlands.