Brandlhuber, Engel, Anrys, Bogdan, Boone, Borret

 © Filip Dujardin ⁠
© Filip Dujardin ⁠

HouseEurope! initiators Arno Brandlhuber and Ludwig Engel will discuss a new building paradigm with Johan Anrys (51N4E), Oana Bogdan (&bogdan), Sophie Boone (Rotor) and Kristiaan Borret (Bouwmeester Brussels).

Poor planning, planned obsolescence and speculation for mere profit-making has led to the demolition and abandonment of living spaces, leaving people without affordable homes and wasting valuable resources. That’s why the public interest group HouseEurope! advocates for everyone’s right to a safe and affordable place to live and proposes an ecologic and economic alternative for existing spaces to be understood as a treasure that must not be demolished.

HouseEurope! was conceived as a collaboration among citizens, local communities, politicians, and public institutions. They make use of the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI), a powerful tool for direct democracy, to secure an EU-legislation against the demolition of existing buildings.

The film The Demolition Drama introduces the initiative and Europe-wide campaign for 2024/2025, with which HouseEurope! aims to create precedents for social-ecological transformation and push for a new EU legislation that will change the way the existing building stock can be preserved, adapted, renovated and transformed to provide the living spaces its citizens deserve.


Thursday, February 22, 2024
Goethe Institut Brussels, Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union