TALK: Real Life Brussels. Changing contexts. (Sold out)

After a first session on the specific and technical challenges of building renovation, on 22 September we will look at the relationship between building and neighbourhood.  The existing social housing sites are marked by their lack of articulation to their context. The typology of the block or tower are but the morphologic expression of this disconnection. Inhabitants are stigmatized as social tenants of large scale developments. Exterior spaces are often reduced to vast stretches of supposedly functional emptiness. Not to speak about the insufficiency of services, complementing programs and appropriable spaces. At the same time, the need of social housing is a strong argument against the reprogramming of existing dwellings and budget is systematically short to provide significant change and multifunctionality. An impossible equation?

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Sold out 

BMA, KU Leuven, CIVA

Peterbos Park 14 – 1070 Anderlecht

18h30 – Welcome and presentation of the case-studies Peterbos, Moulin 41 and Gandhi
19h15 – Round table and discussion
Moderator : Nathanaëllel Baës-Cantillon (Grue)
Invitees: Nicolas Willemet (VVV) – Thomas Rigby (Czvek Rigby) – Jeanne Mosseray (Cosmopolis)

BMA, KU Leuven and CIVA put the transformation of social housing built in the XXth century on the agenda. In the coming months, a series of debates with commissioners, architects and other actors from the field will tackle the challenges linked to renovation: changing buildings, changing contexts, changing tempo.

Existing social housing buildings are at a tipping point: the life cycle of various materials is coming to an end, the integration of housing into the urban fabric needs to be reviewed, the habitability and functionality of the buildings, but also the involvement of residents deserve a broader reflection.