Vogelzang Park— Walking meditation

Having diverse activities - social, recreational, therapeutic, landscape, and ecological - coexist in a single green space can be a challenge! Located at the bottom of a valley, Vogelzang Park, which was created by the Environment Brussels in 2019, stands up to the challenge with a dual objective: preserving a coherent landscape and enhancing the ecological corridor that integrates with the regional Green Promenade. The park has an integrated rainwater management approach as well as a meditation path developed in collaboration with the Erasmus Hospital. Garden Tales celebrates this beautiful space by offering three activities: guided meditation, a nature walk, or a stroll with the sheep. Pick your favorite!

Saturday, September 18, 2021
Type of visit
Walking meditation
Vogelzang Park— Walking meditation
Rue Meylemeersch
1070 Anderlecht
With the support of
Leefmilieu Brussel

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Whether you are a meditation devotee or a novice, come and discover this new meditation journey with its creator. Physiotherapist Suzanne Askenasi invites you to walk the path with her, giving you the keys to return again by yourself. More information on the proposed practice: https://www.kinepsychocorporelle.be/en-pratique