FreeCIVAWorkshops7 - 11 years

Kids Workshop: Superstudio (FULLY BOOKED)

The Italian architects of Superstudio had a lot of imagination. Whether they were designing a lamp or a completely new world, the group often used simple figures like clouds and rainbows. When you observe them in real life, they become really fascinating. They are constantly in motion, imprecise and ephemeral... and we use them as inspiration to create an endless world! We get to work with the Superstudio images, with collage techniques, letting coincidence play a full part in our creations... until suddenly a real rainbow appears. How is that possible? You will discover it all during the workshop!

Workshop in the frame of the exhibition Superstudio Migrazioni.

14:00 - 16:00
free access - bookings: (max. 10 children)