A.J. Lode Janssens - 1,47 mbar

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Experimenting with life. An empirical residence. Housing oneself temporarily. Work-in-progress. Nomadic too—especially that. Attempting to reconcile the symbiosis between form and content, image and story, doing and thinking. As such, it was truly a pedagogical experiment, first and foremost for ourselves. We had formulated the ambition that afterward—after ten years of experimenting— we would share our findings as a commons, not as dogma, but as an example of a possible future form of living. I wanted to experience that personally, at least once. — A.J. Lode Janssens

A.J. Lode Janssens is one of Belgium’s most radical architects and educators. After his studies at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, he was scouted by Willy Van Der Meeren and together they founded Atelier Alpha (1964–68), an experimental design studio. Thereafter Janssens started his own architecture practice, and in parallel developed an educational curriculum focused on social and spatial symbiosis. His work spans nearly thirty years and includes over one hundred projects, but this volume highlights a singular project. Between 1973 and 1982 Janssens and his family built and inhabited a pneumatic dome, with the ambition to de-architecturalize the act of dwelling. An experiment with life itself, assisted by a gentle overpressure of 1.47 mbar.

This book makes public the understudied Balloon project for the first time. Publishing previously undisclosed archival material, editors Peter Swinnen and Nikolaus Hirsch, along with the book’s contributors, critically reassess Janssens’ uncompromising spatial practice.

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