Archives - Reproductions

Form reproduction request

Conditions and Regulations of Reproduction

  • A reproduction request includes the order of visual material and / or the rights of reproduction of an image. The archive copying procedure can take up to four weeks.
  • The archive copying procedure can take up to four weeks. Applications must therefore be submitted in advance, taking into account this deadline via the form available online. After receiving your request, the archives team will send you a reproduction quote.
  • Visual material is provided at CIVA electronically or on a USB key.
  • For any use made of visual material requiring reproduction rights, it is mandatory to first submit an application to CIVA, via the form. Certain types of use require the payment of reproduction rights. All communication of visual material requires the agreement of CIVA as well as the payment of any reproduction costs. For reproduction rights rates, please see below.
  • For any reproduction of documents belonging to CIVA that are the subject of a publication or an exhibition, the copyright notice must be requested from the Archives team when ordering images.
  • If the legal entity is still alive or if he died less than 70 years ago, the protagonist, his heirs or their legal representatives may assert rights to the reproduction of the work of art (moral rights). In order to settle these rights, the applicant must himself make contact with the person concerned, the right holders or with copyright management companies such as SABAM or SOFAM.
  • Visual material cannot be transferred to third parties.
  • Authorization of publication is granted only for the use mentioned during the order. For any other use (additional prints, re-editions, resumption in other publications or on other media), the procedure for the reproduction rights must be renewed and a new authorization of the legal person or rights holders must be obtained…
  • After payment of reproduction rights to CIVA, permission to reproduce is granted for the period mentioned in the application. If the publication does not take place within this period, the contract must be renewed.
  • Visual material may only be published on the Internet upon request (in a format not exceeding 72dpi A6).
  • The applicant undertakes to provide CIVA free of charge, no later than one month after printing, two copies of the publication (paper or multimedia) in each language of publication.


Ordering images - Prices

Image ordering includes:

  • Reproduction fees = cost of digitization of the reproductions ordered
  • Reproduction rights = fees for the use of images belonging to CIVA
  • Management fees = administrative and research costs

Special reductions and conditions can be obtained (see below). After sending the completed order form, we send you a price offer you have to validate to start the procedure. A period of 4 weeks is counted from the day of receipt of the validated offer. An emergency procedure can also be initiated (see below).


Reproduction Prices


copy A4 black/white 0,10€
copy A4 colors 0,40€
copy A3 black/white 0,20€
copy A3 colors  0,80€
scan < 29,7 x 42 (A3) 8.00€
scan > 29,7 x 42 (A3)  10,00€
work picture 0,00€



<= 5 reproductions  Free
> 5 reproductions First 5 free, prices above for the following reproductions
existing digital file for requested reproduction  Free



Prices for reproduction rights

  • Papers presented as part of an exhibition; commercial: Temporary (event): EUR 25
  • Papers presented as part of an exhibition; non-commercial: Temporary (event): 0 EUR
  • Scientific publications, educational publications, digital books; commercial:
1-1250 25€
1250-5000 35€
5000-10 000 45€
10 000-15 000 55€
15 000-20 000 65€
20 000-25 000 75€
25 000-30 000 85€
>30 000  105€


  • Coverage of scientific publications, educational publications, digital books; commercial:
1-1250 35€
1250-5000 50€
5000-10 000 65€
10 000-15 000 80€
15 000-20 000 95€
20 000-25 000 110€
25 000-30 000 125€
>30 000  155€


  • Promotional materials (paper) and non-commercial publications: Poster, leaflet, booklets, booklets and free books:
    0 EUR
  • Multimedia for commercial purposes: website, DVD for sale, advertising, TV / web film, posters for sale, audio guide for rent, paid access publications (eg pdf) on a website:
    Temporary (event): 45 EUR
    5 years: EUR 90
  • Non-commercial multimedia: website of an exhibition in a museum, website of a research centre or school, free audio guide, direct access publications (e.g. pdf) on a website, film or didactic reproduction in the showroom, blogs:
    Temporary (event): EUR 25
    Undetermined duration: 50 EUR


Management fees

The management fee rates depend on the number of reproductions ordered:

<= 5 15€
<= 10 25€
<= 20 35€
<= 30 40€
<= 40 45€
<= 50 50€
From 50 1€/p


Special conditions

  • Urgent reproduction required outside the time allowed in the reproduction conditions:
    100% surcharge on the order total.
  • Multiple reproductions from the same archive folder:
    50% discount on the price of images.
  • Request for a specific target format (> 100%):
    25% surcharge on the price of images.
  • Students and researchers:
    First 5 images ordered for free
  • National and international press (mandatory presentation of the applicant's press card)
    Free image and reproduction rights.
  • Production of tourist guides:
    The images ordered will be used for the valuation of the CIVA, its funds and collections, its activities:
  • Free image and reproduction rights.
    Museums, research institutes and teaching:
  • The images ordered will be used in a publication, course or conference: Free image.
  • Use of the image for the production of a poster, a leaflet or for the promotion of an exhibition:
    Free reproduction rights.
  • Individuals:
    The images ordered will be used for strictly personal use, without communication and publication:
    Free reproduction rights.


Some of the images may at the same time be copyrighted. If the proponent is still alive, or if he has not died for more than seventy years ago, he or his heirs or legal representatives may assert rights when publishing a reproduction of the piece (copyright). The applicant is himself responsible for asking the protagonist or his legal representatives, SABAM or SOFAM for permission to proceed with the publication.