New European Bauhaus : Andreas Kipar, LAND

Landscape Architecture on Thursdays

 © IFLA Europe, ULAB Bulgaria | Public Park Stantsionna Gradina
© IFLA Europe, ULAB Bulgaria | Public Park Stantsionna Gradina

Re-envisioning European landscapes through innovative New European Bauhaus solutions

The conference is being organised as part of the Jeudis du Paysage lecture series, the European Commission's New European Bauhaus and the Interreg Bauhaus4MED project on the theme of "Re-envisioning European landscapes through innovative NEB solutions". The keynote speaker will be Andreas Kipar, landscape architect from Bureau LAND (Italy/Switzerland/Germany/Austria/Canada), followed by a round-table discussion with Ruth Schageman, President of the Architects' Council of Europe, Catherine Vilquin, Board of Directors ECTP-CEU (Town Planners), Annemie Bertha Marcella Wyckmans, NTNU University - NEB Alliance, Maja Simoneti, DKAS Delegate Slovenia IFLA EU and Andreas Kipar, LAND, AIAPP Italy/bdla. Discussion moderated by Didier Vancutsem. The conference will be followed by a drink.

This conference will take place at La Cambre-Horta's Faculty of Architecture in the auditorium Victor Bourgeois (Place Eugène Flagey 19, 1050 Bruxelles). The talk is part of the series “Les Jeudis du paysage”, a collaboration between CIVA and La Cambre.

Thursday, April 18, 2024
Architecture Faculty La Cambre Horta - Victor Bourgeois Auditorium
Faculté d’Architecture, IFLA Europe, New European Bauhaus, European Commission, BAUHAUS4MED - INTERREG, HUNTER, VESTRE.