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This catalogue remains incomplete. Below you will find more details on the extent to which the collections are represented. On page Document types you will also find details on the collections of the library (thematic, temporal and geographic coverage, etc.).

Library references

The bibliographic records of documents originating in the library have been included on the basis of the catalogues of three libraries: the AAM library, the René Pechère library and the Paul Duvigneaud documentation centre.

The catalogue of the Sint-Lukasarchief library will be included progressively from 2020. Please contact us for any search in this collection.

You will find more information on the thematic content and temporal, territorial and linguistic coverage on the library page.

In general, to ensure that your searches are complete and as our search tools have not yet been centralised, we invite you to contact us before making your preparatory searches.


We are working on enriching our book references. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more details with which to identify a document.

The book collections are represented in this catalogue as follows:

  • Architecture section (previously AAM library) : about one third
    Covered : Sections on Brussels, Belgium (recent works), urbanism and architecture theory (recent works), Jean Dethier fonds
  • Landscape architecture section (previously René Pechère library) : in full
  • Ecology and urban ecosystems section(previously Paul Duvigneaud library) : in full
  • Architecture section (previously Sint-Lukasarchief library) : 90% (accessible from 2020)


We are currently merging the periodical collections from the four libraries of origin. The bibliographic records of periodicals as well as the holdings statements will be added progressively to the catalogue from 2020. In the meantime, you will find a PDF list of our periodicals, with a holdings statement, on the Journals page.

Documentation folders

The biographical documentation folders are all referenced in the catalogue. By the end of 2019 we will add the references of the thematic and geographic documentation folders.

Commercial documentation

We possess two distinct collections of promotional documentation. Documentation originating at the AAM is described in part in this catalogue. The technical and commercial documentation originating at the Sint-Lukasarchief is not yet described in the catalogue. Please contact us if you would like to make a search in this documentation.

Archive inventories

The archive descriptions published currently cover 30% of all the fonds held by the CIVA. We are working on computerising our inventories. In order to be able to present a representative overview of our collections by 2020, we are giving priority to realising general inventories of the fonds. These will provide general information on each fonds. This information will be supplemented progressively with more detailed descriptions.
The inventory work concerns both fonds originating at the Archives d’architecture moderne and at the Sint-Lukasarchief. You will find information on their origin in each inventory.

Search by name of a person or organisation

We offer a search by name of person or organisation. It is still possible to find many files for one person. We are currently working on rendering these files uniform.