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Cooking Sections & Bakudapan

Kitchen Talks

If "parties always end in the kitchen", it's because we cook much more than just food there. Every Thursday of the festival, two artists or collectives engage in conversation around cooking in the KVS foyer. These meetings are an opportunity to reflect together on the role the kitchen plays in our imagination and in our daily lives: a space where several geographies and stories that we have inherited from the past converge; a space for collective experimentation, sometimes used as a place of meeting and political dissidence; a space for work, spontaneous encounters, transmission and reflection on the future.

In the Climavore project, the Cooking Sections collective advocates for an adaptable, regenerative approach to eating – a transformation in how we consume, engage with and produce food aimed at environmental wellbeing amid the climate crisis. Through the format of a food study group, Yogyakarta-based collective Bakudapan focuses on preserving local food knowledge and envisions this as a pathway to food sovereignty. Both collectives view food as a catalyst for change across various realms, including politics, social dynamics, ecology and dietary culture. This conversation will bring the two collectives together for the first time, as they explore the intricate connection between food and environmental, economic and social concerns, prompting us to reconsider our relationship with food and its impacts on the world around us.

Thursday, May 16, 2024
Kunstenfestivaldesarts, KANAL-Centre Pompidou


Place: KVS Bol

A programme developed in partnership between Kunstenfestivaldesarts, KANAL-Centre Pompidou and CIVA as part of the Free School and The World History of the Commons, curated with Silvia Franceschini and Grégory Castéra. The conversation between Michael Rakowitz and The Kitchen is part of Palestine Between Words and Silences.